Daddy’s Camper Van

Most kids go to school
And I thik that’s OK
But it seems awfully boring
To be sitting there all day
1+1 is 2
2+2 is 4
I think I know the score

(But) I know what I want to do
I have got a plan
I’ll travel ’round the world
In my daddy’s camper van

At home things can get dull
Walking to the park
Reading stories before bedtime
Turning lights out after dark
On the road it’s different
We stay up late at night
Gazing at the stars
And sleeping ‘neath the moonlight


We’ll travel to the mountains
And ride on to the sea
Walking in the forests
Just my dad and me
We’ll go to the cities
With people all around
Then we’ll go skipping with coyotes
In the hills outside of town


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Daddy’s Camper Van

“Daddy’s Camper Van” originally appeared on the 2008 children’s music CD, Har Har Har.

I have fantasized about traveling and living in a camper van since I was a small child. I have owned a van and a pickup truck at different times in my touring career, but never quite a camper van. It’s still a fantasy. And a song. The song’s real, anyway…