Do Not Kill Your Landlord

If your rent has doubled there are different ways
To cope with the situation and make it through your days
There are therapeutic methods, such as playing darts
With a picture of your landlord’s private body parts
You can get a roommate, or 2 or 3 or 4
Build a loft and squeeze more beds onto every floor
You can scratch up each Mercedes that you find on your street
Say “fuck off yuppie scum” to each yuppie scum you meet

But do not kill your landlord – it will not end well
You’ll be living rent-free — inside a prison cell

You can pay a visit very early in the morn
To where your landlord lives – but don’t forget the bullhorn
You can form a samba band, march up and and down his road
You can play with firecrackers as you watch them explode
You can sing a song about 1848
When renters burned the mansions down and overthrew the state
You can talk about your landlord, how much you’d like to see him dead
Just make sure it remains only something that you said

You can say hi to your neighbors, organize a meeting
Form a tenants’ union so it won’t be something fleeting
Have some demonstrations, make plans for a rent strike
Create a list of demands, perhaps something like
No more rent increases, fix the things that break
Get rid of all that mold in the walls, for goodness’ sake
No more no-cause evictions, no more acting like an ass
No more acting like a member of a feudal ruling class

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