Douglas MacLeod

MacLeod is a common name, though it used to be more common
Way across the ocean in Scotland
But then developers came and the MacLeods all had to leave
From the hills they call the Highlands
Lots of them came here to North America
There are some in Portland-town
And there’s one named Douglas who seems intent
On tearing the whole city down

Yes Douglas MacLeod is a developer
He’s developing his bank account
By destroying nice old houses and cutting down trees
In order to increase the amount
Of money flowing into his coffers
So can use it to buy more and more
He may think he’s a real nice guy
But he’s rotten to the core, because

Douglas MacLeod is a developer
And I don’t like him one bit
He’s buying up the city of Portland town
And turning it to shit

He got here in ’99, it says so on his website
He came when there was money to be made
He came at a good time to buy low, sell high
A good time if you wanna get paid
A good time to make the most of your money
A good time to invest A good time to buy a lot
And set your sights on buying the rest


He’s got the City Council in his pocket
Progressive though they claim to be
They may be progressive on some things
But not when it comes to cutting down trees
That stand in the way of development
In the way of the bottom line
His company is called Blue Sky Property
Guess you gotta cut the trees down
To let the sun shine


You won’t find much about him on the web
Maybe he’s a private kind of guy
Maybe he’s just old, or maybe he’s just worried
About getting a virtual black eye
Because if you poke around you’ll find a lot of people
Who feel just like I do
Who think Douglas MacLeod is an idiot serving
The interests of the privileged few


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“Douglas MacLeod” appears on the 2015 CD and Bandcamp album, The Other Side.

There are far worse developers in the world.  This just happens to be the one who decided to log all the old shade trees in the neighborhood and pack in a bunch of overpriced houses in their place.  In my neighborhood, in Portland, Oregon.  Down with gentrification!  Land reform, urban planning and rent control now!