Eat the Rich

They just loll about the Stock Exchange counting their net worth
They produce another parasite each time that they give birth
On the finest food and drink they get fatter every day
So if God has something else in mind He should hurry up and say
If I were to simply summarize the essence of my pitch
It’s time to eat the rich

They take up so much resources and give nothing in return
We subsidize them thrice for every dollar that they earn
Down throughout the ages all they do is make things worse
It’s not a stretch to point out that these people are a curse
It may seem slightly vengeful but sometimes payback’s a bitch
It’s time to eat the rich

Some people think they’re funny, they follow every Tweet
But me, I just get hungry and I want something to eat
Let’s be environmentalists, recycle and reuse
Let nothing go to waste, take their mansions and their shoes
Their yachts and airplanes, no need to decide which
It’s time to eat the rich

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“Eat the Rich” originally appeared on the Bandcamp album, All the News That’s Fit to Sing, 2014.

The rich generally lead fairly sedentary lives, since they don’t have to work for a living, so they tend to be very tender. Friends in the Svartlamon neighborhood of Trondheim, Norway run an annual festival called Eat the Rich, so I thought I’d write them a theme song.