Evening News

The cities are full of criminals
And all of them are Black
They’ll shoot you for your shoes
Or to get a little crack
But the police are protecting us
Locking up these thugs
Making us all safer
By being tough on drugs

There was a truck bomb in Baghdad
Blew up the UN
These fanatics do not have a care
For innocent women and men
They don’t like civilization
It’s just destruction that they crave
There is no rhyme or reason
For the way that they behave

It’s hard to believe But I know it’s true
I saw it on the evening news

There’s a war on in Colombia
And it’s all about cocaine
And the FARC is running drugs
From Mexico to Maine
It’s an ugly situation
But soon it will be whipped
We just need to send along
More helicopter gunships


There was a suicide bomber in Jerusalem
Blew himself up on a bus
He was a funny-looking Muslim
Not like one of us
He didn’t like the Jews
And he says that God is great
Don’t know what his problem is
He’s just so full of hate


Evil men are plotting
To blow up Washington, DC
‘Cause they don’t like freedom
And democracy
They’re fans of the Dark Ages
They are all around
They’re marching from the desert sand
And coming to your town


“Evening News” first appeared on the 2004 CD, Songs for Mahmud.

Living in the US often feels like living in a massive mind control experiment, run by energy companies and banks, with the corporate media as their voice and pulpit. The way Fox, CNN, and even PBS frame reality is usually very warped. If you talk about terrorism ten times as often as you talk about climate change or the cancer pandemic, then of course many of your viewers will draw the completely erroneous conclusion that terrorism kills more people in the world than climate change does, and that there isn’t a cancer pandemic. (What’s a pandemic?)