Fake News

I keep hearing every day that our collective fate
Might just be determined by clickbait
By people making money by spreading around lies
By people who are trying to pull the wool over our eyes
They say the internet is broken, the danger is acute
From shady folks around the world of very ill repute
Who keep on spreading falsehoods, while so much is at stake
It sounds like it could be real, but in reality, it’s fake

Clinton’s critics keep on turning up dead
Vote for Donald Trump, Pope Francis said
Three million Amish people went to the polls today
Which is why the election went the Donald’s way
Thousands of stuffed ballots were found somewhere
There’s Bill Clinton and Megyn Kelly in sexy underwear
Election Day will be on a Wednesday this year
Zuckerberg says the end is near

Is what they say for real, or is it just a ruse?
Fake news, fake news

In Iraq we found WMD’s
The US supports freedom and democracy
Our elections are clean and fair
Like the free elections we support everywhere
There would have been the world’s worst genocide
If we didn’t come in with the Air Force and take sides
In Afghanistan, Libya and every land
Where our mighty nation takes a stand

NATO loves peace and all of its neighbors
While that dictator, Putin’s always rattling sabers
They had a great revolution in Ukraine
Kim Jong Un is completely insane
Free trade leads to prosperity
It always works that way in every country
Elections matter, but social movements don’t
You can’t complain if you didn’t vote