Fly Around the World

We’re gonna fly off to Norway
Play on the mountains of snow
Ski on down the mountainside
With those Norwegians, don’t you know
Next stop we’re going to Grand Paris
To watch the horses dance Dersage
Gonna eat baguettes and stinky cheese
Which they call “fromage”
Go visit my friend Mahmud
In the land called Falastine
Where the cities are made of tunnels
And the olives are big and green

We’re gonna go to the airport
We’re gonna get in a plane
Fly around the world
And come right back again

Go next door to Lebanon
Where the mountains meet the sea
We can eat some hummus and pita bread
Climb on a cedar tree
Take a jaunt to Kenya
Have a big old laugh
When we’re running around with the wildebeasts
A pair of zebras, and a giraffe


One flight overnight
We’ll end up in Japan
Play baseball with the pros
Cool down with a fan
We’ll fly across the ocean
Beneath the skies of blue
Pretty soon we’ll be in the land of Oz
Jumping with a kangaroo


Eventually we’ll go back home
‘Cause it’s nice to be back there
Can’t just spend your whole life
Flying in the air
We’ll fly back to Portland
See all of our good friends
See what kind of adventures
Await us around the bend


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Fly Around the World

“Fly Around the World” first appeared on the 2006 children’s CD, Har Har Har.

Traveling around the world can be a lot of fun. You can see lots of unusual, different, wild places and people. It can also be nice to come home afterwards, too.