Four More Years

You can say you are a man of the people
And you have our interests in mind
You can say you stand with the working class
And you would march on our picket lines
You can say you’re with the underdogs
Not the billionaires on Wall Street
And you look so earnest as you shake the hands
Of all the good people you meet
But you don’t fool me

You can call yourself a man of action
You can say we’ve got to make haste
You can talk so convincingly
About all the hazards we face
You can talk about green jobs
With nukes and natural gas
You can reminisce about your youth
And the time that you smoked some grass
But you don’t fool me

You can say you are a man of peace
You can talk like you know the score
Yeah, if you were in the Senate at the time
You would’ve voted against the war
You can say that every drone
Strikes a blow for liberty
You claim this is not an empire
You just want everyone to be free
But you don’t fool me

You can make a speech about hope and change
You can bring us all to tears
You can list all your accomplishments
Say give us four more years
You can make the case your party is
So different from the other
You can say that you have got my back
You can call yourself my brother
But you don’t fool me

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“Four More Years” was first recorded in a studio for the 2013 Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change.

This is one in a series of songs about the hypocrite-in-chief, who at the time was the eloquent, good-looking one, Barack Obama. But, as with the rest of the leadership of both major parties, what he says may be right on, but what he does is generally a whole other matter. He talks about solving problems like climate change, poverty, racism, etc., but he does nothing of great significance toward solving those problems, and does a lot to make them worse — offshore oil drilling, massive military spending, and otherwise not changing the basic norms of capitalist insanity. The TPP/TTIP being the latest example of the hypocrisy.