I was in Texas this morning, now I’m in Montreal
Such a wintry spring evening to sing songs about the fall
When I saw that smile once I would have kissed your face
But maybe that doesn’t matter — different time, same place
But all that I can think of is I knew you when
And it’s so hard to be friends

If I saw you sitting there about this time last year
I would say your name and you’d come over here
I’d put my hand upon your belly, underneath your shirt
I would not feel nervous and you would not feel hurt
How much more must we keep going til we make it round the bend
It’s so hard to be friends

Standing here across from you, I don’t know how to say
Something other than I think about you almost every day
We can talk about the world and all that’s been going on
We can talk about the night and how there must come a dawn
But I wish I understood why such a good thing has to end
It’s so hard to be friends

“Friends” originally appeared on the 2005 Soundclick release, Waiting for the Fall.

A love song, of sorts. About how hard it can be to maintain a friendship with someone you have broken up with, as lovers.