Halloween Parade

It was on one afternoon we headed down
There in the twilight hour to the center of town
Everyone was gathered as the sun began to fade
For the annual excitement of the Halloween Parade

There were jacolanterns lit up on every door
There were ghosts and Avatars and witches by the score
With cauldrons full of lizard stew which they had made
That\’s what was going down at the Halloween Parade

There was a very pale vampire biting someone’s neck
In front of a haunted house where no one dared to trek
Suddenly a headless horseman came and his horse it loudly neighed
That\’s how the night was going at the Halloween Parade

Someone was walking around in a monkey suit
Lots of kids were roaming with bags and bags of loot
One of them was pulling a dragon she had slayed
She had it up on wheels for the Halloween Parade

Suddenly on the corner where a little ghost was standing
It started floating up like it wasn’t planning on landing
It floated above the rooftops and that is where it stayed
It was another day in Bethel on the Halloween Parade

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Halloween Parade

“Halloween Parade” appears on the CD of children’s music, Ballad of a Dung Beetle, 2011.

A magical version of an actual Halloween Parade that my daughter, Leila and I participated in along with many other family members in Bethel, Connecticut.