Hang A Flag In The Window

We want a safer country
And it’s in God we trust
So we’ll bomb you during Ramadan
Turn your world into dust
But pull up on your bootstraps
And stand on your own two feet
While we blow them off with cluster bombs
Disguised as something to eat
We stand for freedom
And prosperity
So we’ll bomb your schools and hospitals
And make sure you live in misery
All you evildoers
And your children and your wives
With our B-52’s we’ll show you
How we value civilian lives

Give us your hungry, your restless
We’ll show you democracy
A military trial
Or detention indefinitely
We’ll have homeland security
Thomas Ridge all hail
We may not find the terrorists
But we can throw the left in jail
And we will all be safe
And we shall have no fears
Once our retinas have been scanned
And all the walls have ears
And we’re all in good hands
When the FBI is in the know
We’re sure they’ll look after us
Just like they did with COINTELPRO

So hang a flag in the window
And all hail to the chief
Follow the leader
And suspend your disbelief
Our country right or wrong
You know what to do
Sing God bless America
Oh that red, white and blue

When facing anyone with boxcutters
We’ll say put up your dukes
As we spend fifty billion
On bombers and nukes
We’re a beacon of light
And just to make the point
We’ll cut taxes on the rich
And throw the poor into the joint
Yes we’ll bail out the airlines
Put on your green fedoras
And for all the laid-off workers
We’ve got maquiladoras
Yes capitalism will save us
For have you ever seen a
More convincing proof
Than Enron and Argentina


The Axis of Evil
We’ll bomb ’em down the skids
There’ll be no more terrorists
Once we kill their kids
People may starve
And economies may crumble
But those folks’ll just
Have to learn to be more humble
And give us your money
Debt repayments with aplomb
While we scour the map
For some targets left to bomb
And as another city falls
Upon our sacred American soil
At least we got our Daisy Cutters
And that Alaskan oil


“Hang A Flag in the Window” originally appeared on the 2002 of the same name. The sheet music appears in my Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

This song was one of my many reactions to the Bush administration’s ridiculously hypocritical and contradictory mess of double-standards, in terms of both rhetoric and policy.