His Hands Were In The Air

The town is mostly black, almost all the cops are white
You can see it right away, something isn’t right
There’s no funding for the schools and they’re being shut down
The powers that be don’t give a shit about the town

They were walking in the street, it’s the safest place to be
In case someone comes shooting, you got a better view to see
They were walking in the street, they weren’t hurting anyone
Then came a white man with a badge and a gun

His hands were in the air (4x)

“Get the fuck on the sidewalk,” that’s what the cop said
He cut them off in his car, fat face, blood red
The cop says he was attacked, and from a cursory check
It seems his fingers were assaulted by Michael Brown’s neck

His hands were in the air (4x)

There were witnesses who saw it, it was recorded on a phone
But the police couldn’t handle the light that would’ve shone
She was forced to hand it over so they could try to hide away
A racist execution in the middle of the day

His hands were in the air (4x)

He had just finished high school and was off to college next
Instead he was shot and killed with no pretext
The media joined in, called the community a mob
A cop called them animals while Michael’s mother sobbed

His hands were in the air (4x)

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His Hands Were in the Air

“His Hands Were in the Air” appears on the 2014 Bandcamp album, When I’m Elected President.

After Michael Brown, Jr was killed by a cop in the street, unarmed, in broad daylight, his hands in the air, in front of his grandmother’s apartment in Ferguson, Missouri, I thought it was a good time to go visit a friend who lives a few miles down the road from that intersection. I went to Mike Brown’s homecoming and burial, and wrote this song.