Hot Tub Song

The turnpike is ahead with a frost of morning dew
It reminds me of a feeling and a place that I once knew
There’s a dozen gigs behind me and a dozen more to come
Before I will get to see you and I can get me some

My last roaches have been smoked
And I don’t know what to do
Oh to be in California
In a hot tub, with a blunt and you

What’s up with the kids today, I just don’t know
They don’t party like they used to, where did the hippies go
Organizing is a virtue, yes, for goodness’ sake
But I wonder what they do when it’s time to take a break


The revolution’s round the corner
and I hope you know the way
But what happens when we win, I wonder what you’d say
Do we have a house of worship, do we have a family
Is there a hot tub in the commons, is there a guitar on your knee


“Hot Tub Song” appears on the 2003 Soundclick release, Beyond the Mall.

I like hot tubs. Especially outdoors, in colder climates, that are coed and clothing-optional. And in the woods at some cool person’s house, ideally. We need more hot tubs in the world. Scandinavia in particular. Perfect climate for them, but very few people have them.