I Have Seen the Enemy

He has no feelings for the dead
He’s just calling out for more
ExxonMobil likes it
So he’s happy to make war
He’ll send your child to die
Somewhere far across the sea
Bombing Afghan villages
In the name of liberty
He says you’re with us or against us
And he is keeping score
His agents are all over
They might be breaking down your door
He lives for death
He is the evil axis
And I am sick of theory
Let’s talk about praxis

I have seen the enemy
He’s right there in the spotlights
And if this song were a rifle
I would have him in my sights

He’s found his raison d’etre
He is the global cop
With peace he’d lose his purpose
So the fight will never stop
He’ll always find the villain
That’s the nature of the game
He’ll always be at war
In fact, it’s his middle name
He’s got a master plan
It’s called global domination
A new world under God
And one massive corporation
He says he’s fighting for our safety
He’s an expert at disguises
But security for him
Is when the Dow Jones rises


And let me tell you something
With each ball that he’s cuing
This old friend of bin Laden
Knows exactly what he’s doing
It’s a family tradition
To win at any cost
Never mind the lies
Or all the lives that must be lost
And let me tell you something else
This song is not a gun
And it will cause harm to no one
When all is said and done
‘Cause it’s just words, and we need action
So let me clearly state
This is the time to change the world
Because soon enough may be too late


“I Have Seen the Enemy” appears on the 2002 CD, Hang A Flag in the Window. Sheet music can be found in my Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

Aiming this anti-terrorist song at the terrorist-in-chief. Who at the time was George W Bush.