I Just Wanna Climb a Tree

Mommy said get in the car
Let us go have tea
I said I think that sounds boring
I just wanna climb a tree

I just wanna climb a tree
Up in a tree, that’s where I wanna be
Just like a little monkey
I just wanna climb a tree

Daddy said come down from there
It’s time to eat some snails
Would you like them raw
Or cooked inside a pail

I said I just wanna climb a tree…

Grandpa said come down and we’ll
Go swimming if you please
But I said no I think I’d rather
Hang here on my knees


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I Just Wanna Climb A Tree

“I Just Wanna Climb A Tree” appears on the 2011 children’s album, Ballad of a Dung Beetle.

I spent much of my early years high up in a tree. Same with my daughter, Leila. We like trees, and they like us.