I Know A Man

I know a man
He has brown eyes
Most mornings he gets up
Around sunrise
He likes to put butter
On just about everything
He likes to walk in the park
Listen to the birds sing

I know a man
He has two gorgeous kids
He likes to take them on trips
Like his father did
At the end of the day
They all come over to my place
Where we talk about school
And what happened on MySpace

I know a man
He plays basketball
He’s about five feet
Ten inches tall
He tries to grow flowers
They usually don’t bloom
He’s got a picture of Elvis
On the door to his room

I know a man
He thinks life is good
And everything will be fine
As he knows that it should
And the eyes of the people
And the eyes of the law
Would soon be open
To the things that he saw

I know a man
With a beautiful family
Who knows that someday
Right here in this society
We’ll all walk taller
And fences will mend
When I can say proudly
This is my husband

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“I Know A Man” appears on the 2009 CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away.

More and more countries and US states were instituting marriage equality, I sang for several thousand people at a marriage equality rally in Australia, and I was moved to verse.