I Turned 53 in Quarantine

I turned 53 in quarantine
The sun is shining, the field’s green
The air’s so fresh, like the countryside
Streets are empty, open wide
It’s all so quiet, save for the leaves
Waving gently in the breeze
And a couple kids in their usual spot
Scooting in circles round the parking lot

I turned 53 in quarantine
Slowest birthday ever seen
Clouds are drifting in the sky
The occasional jogger jogging by
Usually with headphones on, eyes fixed low
Leaving a wide berth as they go
If they wanted to talk, they might not dare
Lest some drops of spit float in the air

I turned 53 in quarantine
I wouldn’t normally have a big party scene
I’d be going on tour, though, in a typical spring
Playing shows and everything
Seeing friends, crossing borders, finding trouble
Not hiding with my family in a sealed bubble
Waiting til the time comes when
We can be part of the world of other people again

I turned 53 in quarantine
Watching the world lose its sheen
As things all rust and fall apart
No more horse to pull the cart
No couriers out, they went on strike
That’s what desperate times are like
Figures ’cause we joined in, too
It’s been five weeks since the rent was due

I turned 53 in quarantine
Strangest birthday I ever seen