If Clinton’s A Progressive

It’s election time again and the battle’s pretty tight
On the left is Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump is on the right
On the Democratic ticket there’s a struggle for the base
And Hillary is showing her most progressive face
She says we know she’s an outsider because she’s female
But if Clinton’s a progressive then I’m a killer whale

She’ll take on the banks, she says, if we let her run the nation
But this is the woman who voted for deregulation
Now she says the TPP should be summarily aborted
But every trade deal heretofore she’s actively supported
If she felt that way before then why wait so long to tell us?
If Clinton’s a progressive then I’m Wynton Marsalis

Service to the people has always been her mission
That’s why she’s always striven to send so many of them to prison
She lobbied for the crime bill, she lobbied to gut welfare
Now she emerges from her mansion to pretend she really cares
I guess she figures if she lies enough folks will eventually believe her
But if Clinton’s a progressive then I’m a Golden Retriever

If I were a gambler I’d bet you my John Thomas
That this deceptive politician will go back on every promise
I’d love to elect a woman, but not just anyone’s daughter
Though I’d happily vote for Cynthia McKinney or Maxine Waters
But I’ll be damned if I must choose between two more plutocrats
If Clinton’s a progressive then I am Bill the Cat