If There’s A Tomorrow

The death toll keeps mounting each time I turn on my phone
Another mass shooting, another free fire zone
The Failed States of America, white supremacist rule
A society riven with victims and tools

The fires keep burning, completely out of control
Makes you miss the old days of the Ozone Hole
The snow is all melting, the lakes of Greenland
The best hope that I have, I hold in my hand

If there’s a tomorrow, then when yesterday’s through
You have me, and I have you

We might have to leave town, or maybe we’ll fall
Beneath a hail of bullets, at the shopping mall
Perhaps we’ll be arrested, perhaps they’ll pass us by
But wherever we might be, when we look up at the sky


They can call it natural, or made by humankind
We’d like it to be different, but this is the place we find
The one that we inherit, the one we’re in right now
Whatever might come of the future – why, when, how