If They Defunded the Police

If they defunded the police, what would we do
It would be a little messy, but by the time it is all through
Life would be affordable, without mortgages or rent
Because evictions won’t go well, if the folks the landlords sent
Did not have the power to arrest you, or pitch you on the street
The slumlords of the nation might just admit defeat

If they defunded the police, who’d make us sick
By drenching us with tear gas or hitting us with sticks
Who’d lash out at old men and leave them there to bleed
Who would strangle people until they cannot breathe
Who would shoot us in the parking lots, hands up in the air
Who’d make the rich feel safe and make the rest of us feel scared

If they defunded the police who’d keep us out
Who’d be there to guard the Congress, and turn on the spout
Who’d be there to man the canons, to keep us from being heard
When we clamor at the gates, to shred the sacred words
Of the overseers of America who have for so long run this land
Let’s just imagine for a moment, what if they accepted our demands

If they defunded the police