If You Bomb Somebody

They haven’t even started cleaning up the mess
How many souls departed is anybody’s guess
They’re already proposing that they turn it up a notch
It’s time they were imposing an ever tighter watch

Terrorists everywhere, by which they do not mean
Norwegians with blond hair or American Marines
The fighter planes, all of those who die
When the bombs rain from way up in the sky

If you bomb somebody, they might just bomb you back

The pundits on the TV will talk of integration
Most of them will agree there’s too much immigration
They’ll talk of social policies, things they should’ve done before
Whatever you say, please, don’t mention the war


They’ll cry out for more cops and laws against encryption
Time to pull out all the stops of every description
Time to torture suspects, send them back from where they came
And life goes as you’d expect in the imperial game

They’ll say that now we must strengthen our will
We mustn’t bow to those we kill
To those we maim, to the countries lost
Don’t mention their names, or the cost