I’m A Better Anarchist Than You

I don’t drive a car because they run on gas
but if I did it’d run on biomass
I ride a bike or sometimes a skateboard
so fuck off all you drivers and your yuppie hordes
sitting all day in the traffic queues
I’m a better anarchist than you

I don’t eat meat I just live on moldy chives
or the donuts that I found in last week’s dumpster dives
look at you people in that restaurant I think you are so sad
when you coulda been eating bagels like the ones that i just had
I think it is a shame all the bourgeois things you do
I’m a better anarchist than you

I don’t wear leather and I like my clothes in black
and I made a really cool hammock from a moldy coffee sack
I like to hop on freight trains I think that is so cool
it’s so much funner doing this than being stuck in school
I can’t believe you’re wearing those brand new shiny shoes
I’m a better anarchist than you

I don’t have sex and there will be no sequel
because heterosexual relationships are inherently unequal
I’ll just keep on moshing to Anti-Flag and Crass
until there are no differences in gender, race or class
all you brainwashed breeders you just haven’t got a clue
I’m a better anarchist than you

I don’t believe in leaders I think consensus is the key
I don’t believe is stupid notions like representative democracy
whether or not it works I know it is the case
that only direct action can save the human race
so when I see you in your voting booth then I know it’s true
I’m a better anarchist than you

I am not a pacifist I like throwing bricks
and when the cops have caught me and i’ve taken a few licks
I always feel lucky if I get a bloody nose
because I feel so militant and everybody knows
by the time the riot is all through
I’m a better anarchist than you

Sheet music:
I’m A Better Anarchist Than You

“I’m A Better Anarchist Than You” first appeared on the live CD, The Commons in 2007. In 2011 it appeared on the CD, Big Red Sessions, and on the 2009 retrospective CD, Waiting for the Fall.

There’s a type of sectarianism that, while different in different types of groups or social milieus, is destructive wherever it appears. And when it appears on the left, among otherwise nice people, it particularly sucks. I wrote one song about the kind of sectarianism you find among certain sorts of communists. This song, however, is for the Better Anarchists.