I’m Gonna Fly

I’m gonna fly up in the sky (3x)
I’m gonna fly up there so high

I’m gonna fly above the moon
And I might not come back soon

I’m gonna fly way out to Mars
Just me, Mars and the stars

I’m gonna head up to Saturn’s rings
I’m gonna see all kinds of things

I’m gonna spin thru space to Pluto
So many places I’ll go

I’m gonna dance upon the frozen ground
Dance, dance all around

I’ll look down at the Earth, it’s green and blue
I’m gonna look down right at you

I’m gonna fly back home and go to bed
With a pillow underneath my head

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I’m Gonna Fly

“I’m Gonna Fly” appears on the 2008 CD of children’s music, Har Har Har.

I always wished I had the ability to fly, when I was a kid. Not just in the sky, but throughout the cosmos. Actually I still do.