I’m Running Away

I’m so tired of grownups telling me
What I’m supposed to do today
Do this, do that, do the other thing
That’s almost all they ever say
I’m so tired of sitting in school all day
It just seems so wrong
I wanna get out and live my life
So I think I’ll say so long

I’m running away (4x)

I’m so sick of grownups acting like
They know what’s best for me
Ordering the kids all over the place
When they should just let us be
I never wanna hear them say again
This is for your own good
And when they find my bedroom empty
I hope that’s understood

I’m running away

I’m going where the grass is always green
Where the kids can run and shout
Where the grownups generally understand
What life is all about
Where we eat and sleep and read and play
Whenever we feel like
And if any grownup misbehaves
We tell ’em to take a hike

I’m running away

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I’m Running Away

“I’m Running Away” appears on the 2008 children’s music CD, Har Har Har.

I ran away once. It wasn’t particularly well thought-out, and I had no particular interest in running away, really. I just did it so I could go along with my neighbors, two siblings who were both regularly beaten by their father, and to some extent by their mother as well. But their mom and my babysitter found us walking down the road around a mile away from home, so that was it.