In Between Milwaukee and Chicago

Kenosha, Wisconsin is another city on the lake
The abundance of the trout in the water was its namesake
Once upon a time, cars were made in factories
Now the lakefront is a park, the main attraction is ease
Of being between Milwaukee and Chicago

In the city of Kenosha lives a man named Jacob Blake
Due east of Minnesota, from the river to the lake
Seven bullets from the cops just for trying to drive away
If you’re Black that’s what happens if you dare to disobey
In between Milwaukee and Chicago

The city of Kenosha erupted right on cue
Police station torched, folks did what they had to do
To have a chance of being heard after all these centuries
Of festering wounds that keep opening up, of necks and knees
In between Milwaukee and Chicago

To Kenosha, Wisconsin, folks came from all around
To show their outrage at this freshly-bloodied ground
While others came as vigilantes pretending to be cops
And by the time the third night was over, two more beating hearts had stopped
In between Milwaukee and Chicago

In the city of Kenosha, there in the county seat
Police thanking vigilantes for bringing weapons to the streets
While other vigilantes, or at least wannabes
Are speaking to the nation at the convention on TV
In between Milwaukee and Chicago

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, the dead and wounded everywhere
An active shooter shooting, not a moment to spare
People tried to intervene, someone clocked him in the head
The shooter fired back, Anthony Huber was among the dead
In between Milwaukee and Chicago

From the city of Kenosha to the shores of Silver Lake
In the skate parks they’ll be talking of the choices people make
Of those who stand with fascists and uphold apartheid laws
Of those who try to stop the killing and end up dying for the cause
In between Milwaukee and Chicago