In the Name of God

I woke up this morning
And I turned on the news
It was a Sunday morning
They were sitting in the pews
The doctor’s wife was in the choir
She was about to sing
She saw it all in front of her
And she heard that awful ring

In the name of God he held his pistol
Pointed at the doctor’s head
In the name of God he pulled the trigger
Now the doctor’s lying dead

Dr. Tiller had a family
Three daughters and a son
Two girls were both doctors
Who were proud of what he’d done
They knew someone had to do something
Before they left this world behind
If it wasn’t them then who would serve
The cause of womankind


This is not Afghanistan
It’s the Heartland USA
Where a girl has to wonder
If she’ll get acid in her face
Where they bomb the women’s clinics
Because the preacher told them to
Where the man there on the TV
Tells them that’s what they should do


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In the Name of God

“In the Name of God” originally appeared on the 2009 CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away.

I wrote this song on a plane from Europe to the US after hearing the news about Dr George Tiller’s assassination while attending¬†church in Kansas. ¬†Dr Tiller was only one of many committed abortion providers in the US who have been murdered by anti-abortion terrorists over the past several decades.