International Terrorists

International terrorists are scheming
They want to bring the planet to it’s knees
They’re hiding in their bunkers and they’re plotting
With bombs and guns and biological disease
Any means to reach their ends is worth pursuing
If lives are lost then that’s the way it goes
It’s the game of world domination
The stakes are high as everybody knows

International terrorists are flying in their jets
Looking for the city they want to hit today
For all of the injustice in the world
They are going to make somebody pay
They’ll make sure their people will support them
Through the use of their powerful cartel
If you are to prosper this is their decision
Whether you will starve or else live well

And the international terrorists are busy
Trying to win your heart and mind
They’re making news and writing press releases
So that you can have your thoughts defined
And they say that they’re the voice of reason
And they want to keep the world free
And they will vilify, disappear and torture
Anyone who would dare disagree

The international terrorists are many
Every color, size and shape and height
Some are only small and local bullies
Content to bomb a building in the night
While some are in each pocket of the world
Looking for a nation to attack
They’re training in their bases somewhere near you
And they’re flying in the skies above Iraq

The IMF is the name of their cartel
And CNN’s their propaganda arm
And if they don’t brainwash and starve you into line
They’ll make damn sure all your people come to harm
They’ll decimate and carpet-bomb your country
With a million mercenaries and machines
Striking fear into the people of the world
The US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines

“International Terrorists” first appeared on the CD, Living in These Times, in 2001.

I wrote the song on September 11th, 2001, after hearing the news about the terrorist attacks in New York City and elsewhere that day.  I sent the song to my email list, probably too soon after writing it.  I think a lot of people liked it, but what I most remember are the dozen or so people who unsubscribed from my email list after I sent it out, often with angry words added in, including people I would not have expected such a reaction from.

The song is an obvious statement, but one that was hard for some people to take that day (and still is, for so many, unfortunately).  That is, terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda are the direct result of US foreign policy, US (and European) imperialism over the decades and centuries.  And, no doubt, by any reasonable measure, by far the biggest terrorist organization in the world today, and historically, is the US military.