They called us Nazis and said that we
Did not deserve to have sovereignty
That our independence was some kind of plot
And the skies rained down missiles and gun shots
They said we were against their civilization
Against the existence of their nation
Which apparently is found right where we’re from
To where they and their weapons had come

We responded with a people’s war
Everybody knew what a Molotov was for
The whole of our society mobilized to fight
While our people got slaughtered day and night
The invaders used every weapon ever known
As all of the evidence has shown
They killed us on the land and blockaded us at sea
And they say they only want to set us free
When the invader arrives Comes for your land, for your lives
Comes to take it all from you What do you do?

Parents took their children, became refugees
Living around the world in different countries
Dreaming of the day they can go back
To our cities under attack
Solidarity came from everywhere
But the invaders didn’t care
A situation anyone can understand
An occupying army on another people’s land

People formed networks and organizations
Even a bureau of the United Nations
Many governments sent aid
Though under occupation, the piper’s never paid
And the blood of innocents flowed
On the fields that they sowed
You can hear everybody saying, from the river to the sea
Palestine will be free