Poor Al Gore complained most bitterly
The Greens had stole the vote from the Democratic Party
The election was lost ’cause of that three percent
And now you look at how the whole thing went
You say you want the elections to be free and fair
Well then let’s see how much freedom you can bear

I – R – V
It rhymes with democracy
I – R – V
Let’s hear for a third party

Give me a second, I’ll tell you how it works
If you’re tired of choosing between two jerks
If the tally doesn’t go the way you hopefully reckoned
Your first choice then becomes your second
And if the so-called Democrats don’t like the news
They can’t blame us next time they lose


It may not bring us paradise
But perhaps a little competition might be nice
But you know they’re worried about domino effects
We get this, what might be next
Pretty soon we might set a new norm
When we pass campaign finance reform


“IRV” originally appears on the 2003 Soundclick album, Beyond the Mall.

It’s been too long, and now I can’t remember the details, but I think somebody asked me to write a song about Instant Run-off Voting (IRV), so I did.  Maybe they were going to use such a song for a campaign, I don’t recall.  But in any case, IRV is a better way to do things than our more common Winner Take All system, or what the British call First Past the Post.  It’s more democratic.  Which is why it’s so uncommon in the oldest and most primitive modern democracy in the world, the United States.