It’s Legal Now

For about a century, there was a prohibition
Which put a heck of a lot of people in a difficult position
Each year millions went to prison for planting the wrong seeds
Imprisoned for the crime of smoking weed
Imprisoned in their millions, especially those
Black or brown or wearing long hair and hippie clothes
But I stand here before you with quite a bit of pleasure
To tell you all about a successful ballot measure

It’s legal now, it’s legal now, take a bow, it’s legal now

The politicians were useless, almost all the same
Playing the Military-Industrial-Prison-Complex game
But the regular people weren’t nearly as dumb
So some folks took initiative and we passed a referendum
Now people don’t have to risk arrest if they want to treat their ills
With something other than pharmaceutical pills
And if you just wanna take a hit because you like the feeling
You can safely walk the streets or just stare up at the ceiling


Now that pot’s legit, at least in large parts of the west
We can get to work legalizing all the rest
The poppies and the coca leaves and all the other plants
Safer, regulated, will be the official stance
The CIA will have to find another way to operate
The FBI will need a new MO for their whole police state
When we legalize it all from the west coast to the east
Then we can say right here in the belly of the beast