Jeremy Corbyn

If you travel around Europe today you’ll find societies stratified
You’ll find an ever-widening political divide
You’ll find a growing left, and a right that’s growing faster
Convincing people they’re the ones to avert the next disaster
You can see the dark clouds growing, taking over every space
Except, oddly enough, in a little place
Called England, where a growing chorus screes

I agree with Jeremy

The BBC ignored him or they treated him like a clown
Transnational corporations said this man will bring us down
The Blairites in the Party stabbed him in the back
And then they did it again, but after each attack
He was steady at the helm, at the job for which he was picked
Despite all the accusations that he’s an anti-Zionist peacenik
Who wants to change the country, and says the country

Most members of the parliament wish he’d go away
But as their elected leader he’s set to stay
And when he supports a candidate they usually tend to win
Which makes the Blairites fume, while the rest of us just grin
Between the BBC, the Tories and all the corporate MP’s
The tabloid press, the IMF and all the landed gentry
They’re pulling out the stops to stop the ascendancy

The case before the nation is the one that we all face
What direction now goes this human race
Do we give up on the missiles and tax the rich a lot
Or give up on society and just embrace the rot
Among us who would tell us it’s the foreigners to blame
Not the Blairite, Tory billionaires and their rigged neoliberal game
Each day the numbers grow, as each day new people see
That they agree with Jeremy
I agree with Jeremy