Jill Stein

There’s an election on again, and it’s terrible to see
The farce they call American democracy
On the left is someone who’s to the right of Tony Blair
On the right is a neofascist, narcissistic billionaire
At least within the corporate press, it’s all about these two
The candidates who’ve got all the dollar signs in view
Meanwhile, off the spectrum is someone they don’t mention
They don’t think the republic can handle the dissension
The only progressive woman you’ll see listed in most states
The only one whose dinners cost a couple bucks a plate
The only one whose platform makes any sense to me
The only one I like to picture running the country

I’m voting for Jill Stein – I’m going Green
They say I’m throwing my vote away – I don’t know what they mean
I’m voting for Jill Stein – I’m going Green

On the one hand, a guy who believes in getting rich at any price
On the other, a war-monger who makes Thatcher look nice
Or you can vote the party that will bring full employment
As it cuts the military budget by over fifty percent
With a Green Jobs program all across the country
So we can pull back from the brink with renewable energy
‘Cause the future is clear, we won’t have one
If we don’t have a government that can get the job done


You could roll over and play dead and vote for the one percent
And wonder in the future where your world went
Or you can go with your conscience, give it a try
Before Trump and Clinton kill us all and we have to kiss it all goodbye