Judi Bari

I dreamed I saw Judi Bari last night
Alive as you and me
Says I, “but Judi, you’re two years dead”
“I never died,” said she
“I never died,” said she

“The timber bosses killed you, Judi”
“They bombed you, Judi, says I”
“Takes more than bombs to kill a woman”
Says Judi, “I didn’t die”
Says Judi, “I didn’t die”

“In Oakland, Judi, by God,” says I
Her standing by my bed
“They maimed you with a pipe bomb”
Says Judi, “but I ain’t dead”
Says Judi, “but I ain’t dead”

And standing there as big as life
And smiling with her eyes
Says Judi, “what they forgot to kill
“Went on to organize
“Went on to organize”

From Garberville up to Maine
In every logging town
Where folks stand up to corporate greed
There Judi can be found
There Judi can be found

“Judi Bari” appeared on the 1998 CD, We Just Want the World.  The tune is from the song, “Joe Hill,” by Earl Robinson.

I never met Judi, but we had/have many mutual friends.  She died before her time as a result of the pipe bomb attack on her and Darryl Cherney.  She was a very effective and much-loved organizer with Earth First! and the IWW, perhaps best known for organizing Redwood Summer.