Just A Dream

I came home from a tour, a very long time away
Went to check my PO box the very same day
There was a check for twenty thousand dollars there from BMI
For all the airplay I had gotten and I began to cry
Finally we can get out from underneath all of this grinding debt
With a hit song on the radio and all over the internet
I can spend time with my daughter in a house with a backyard
Take the family on a vacation, cut up all the credit cards

It was just a dream, but if we don’t dream
Our dreams will never, never come true

I took a walk down the street, past the old folks’ home next door
The women working in there smiled as they swept the floor
The new socialist government had just tripled the minimum wage
Someone showed me a picture of Indymedia’s front page
Sachs and Goldman had been arrested, the drug war prisoners were free
These women and men never knew how happy they could be
As the president apologized officially for all the mistakes that had been made
Said he hoped that over time the bad memories would fade


From their penal colonies, the corporate elite
Agreed there must be reparations and they should be complete
For the Congressmen they bribed, for the elections that they stole
For all the patriotic lies their marketers ran up the flagpole
For all the rivers that they poisoned, for all the babies that they killed
For all the thyroid cancer, for all the oil that they spilled
And a billion people protested and said what’s done is done
Now let’s get on with changing everything now that we won


“Just A Dream” appears as a YouTube broadside, and has never been recorded in a studio or appeared on a CD or Bandcamp album.  I wrote the song just before I started my successful CSA campaign, as a sort of reply to myself.