Just Humans

When Lola had to leave home after the night of broken glass
She was one of the lucky few who was allowed to pass
Across the English Channel, a teenage girl on the run
Past the cliffs of Dover to a tiny flat in London
Where kids would eye her warily as bombs fell from the sky
“Where exactly do you come from” – to which she would reply
I am just a human from a place called planet Earth
I am just a human being

Lola did her best to try to learn to be
Just another English girl in her adopted country
Why she had to leave, she didn’t fully understand
But she tried to lose her accent and forget about Deutschland
And when other kids would ask, “are you a German or a Jew”
She would say “I’m English,” but deep inside she knew
She was just a human…

Lola met a soldier, sailed the Atlantic Sea
To another island called New York City
She never told her children where she was born and bred
It was early she decided there are things better left unsaid
But when her kids had questions about their neighbors on the bay
She would hold them tightly and she would firmly say
They are all just humans…

Lola lived a long life in her tiny little flat
With all the children in the neighborhood and an adopted alley cat
She only spoke one language – at least one that she’d admit
But she always said you only need to know a little bit
To understand the lesson that she learned so long ago
If you only learn one thing, the one thing you should know
We are all just humans…