Kick It While It’s Down

I’d say the verdict now is clear
Capitalism really sucks
Privatizing everything for years
Left most of us shit outta luck
The dreams most of us once had are dead
The jobs around don’t pay
Shit I barely have a roof over my head
And I’ve heard most of my neighbors say

If this is the glory of the market
Tent City, USA
Then let’s take this powder keg and spark it
After all it’s the American Way
Let us now look through a different prism
Let us work for the common good
Let us put an end to capitalism
Let us do now as we should

Kick it while it’s down (6x)

The capitalists are parasites
The bane of society
They don’t give a shit for human rights
All they care about is money
The billionaires buy the Congress
Then they make up all the rules
So if voting is no way to seek redress
Then we must use other tools

Kick it while it’s down (6x)

Half the country is in drought
Burning up and blowing away
It’s a climate crisis there’s no doubt
But be that as it may
The market says it’s time to drill for oil
The market says cut down all the trees
The market says build pipelines ‘neath the soil
But in recent years the market’s on its knees

Kick it while it’s down (6x)

We need solar panels not coal mines
We need food not bombs
But the market doesn’t care about the bread lines
Or your hungry mom
The market only cares about the market
What’s behind the guarded gate
So you can take your limousine and park it
Trade it in for a welfare state

Kick it while it’s down (6x)

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Kick It While It’s Down

“Kick It While It’s Down” appears on the 2013 Bandcamp album, Everything Can Change.

In Australia around the time of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis I saw a t-shirt that read, “capitalism — kick it while it’s down.”