Lebanon 2006

Two soldiers had been captured
They’d crossed to the other side
Two soldiers taken prisoner
Several others died
This is how it started
So said the Jewish state
Forget about ’96, ‘82, ’67, ‘48
Two soldiers taken hostage
And by the Sea of Galilee
We must defend our borders
Wherever they may be
We must defend our soldiers
Wherever they’re deployed
Two of them are captured
One country is destroyed

Somewhere in Tel Aviv
Generals drawing battle lines
For the town where Jesus
Turned water into wine
On the ten-year anniversary
Of a massacre of children
They thought it was a good idea
To massacre some children
Anyone in the south
I heard Ehud Olmert say
Everyone’s a target
And may be killed today
And if your home has turned to rubble
It may be pulverized some more
‘Cause two soldiers have been captured
And we gotta settle up the score

A hundred thousand homes
Leveled to the ground
Every olive branch on offer
Burned where it was found
Every chance at dialogue
Rejected right on cue
If you’re gonna burn your bridges
You might as well bomb them too
They even bombed the prison
Where they used to torture fighters
Where they had the dogs and leashes
Cigarettes and lighters
Where they were kept shackled
Not allowed to stand
Where they torched the forests
Turned them into sand

And the entire world watches
A few thousand demonstrate
Governments take action
All too little or too late
All the telephones are ringing
In case you couldn’t read the signs
This is the IDF
And you’re in the firing line
Condoleeza came to visit
For about an hour
She thought it was a party
Some kind of baby shower
She said these were the birth pangs
Of a brand new morn
But in the hospitals today
All the babies were stillborn

The stars and stripes among the ruins
Say where they were made
In case anybody wonders
About all that military aid
In case anybody wonders
About the mines around the farms
Or why so many toddlers
Are missing legs and arms
Or why so many of them ask
Exactly what was meant
By wiping out their homes
And then sending them a tent
Or why if you ask them
Who is Nasrallah
They’ll tell you he’s our leader
And we all are Hezbollah

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“Lebanon, 2006” originally appeared on 2009 CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away, and later on the Palestine-themed 2014 compilation CD, Falasteen, Habibti.

I was in Lebanon in 2005, and visited many buildings that were completely destroyed by the Israeli air force the following year.