Letter to My Landlord

I’m writing you this letter ’cause among the choices
It’s probably better than listening to voices
Raging in my head, saying point and shoot
Then after you’re dead, your face meets my boot
I don’t know your name, it’s better that way
‘Cause I can’t play this game, who knows what I’ll say
I feel like I’m burning, I’ve had it up to here
Time that you were learning the meaning of fear

I live in these apartments – they’re your private property
Among your residents, most of us agree
That you’re a piece of shit – how does that make you feel
We don’t like you one bit – that’s for real
We think you’re a thief, that you don’t care
Seems your one belief is whatever the market will bear
Whatever you can get away with, what you can make us pay
If we ever get justice, you should fear that day Landlord!

But it’s not just you – it’s all your kin
The things you do caused the state we’re in
You bribed the politicians so they’d let you off-lead
Now the legal situation’s just the one you need
For you to make millions, for profits to be high
Even billions won’t be with you when you die
I hope you find the death you seek, meet the devil that you serve
If you live another week that’s more life than you deserve Landlord!

In the class war you are waging there’s no question who is winning
But if there’s any justice, this is only the beginning
The next act in this play will be written by the tenants
And until your dying day, you’ll be paying penance
Your assets will be seized, that’s a fucking given
You profiteers of misery will start spending time in prison
Then you can get a job – figure out what you do best
You can keep the house you live in – but we’re taking all the rest Landlord!

My rent is almost doubled during my first 9 years living in Portland, Oregon. That’s because Portland is the most popular city in the US to move to, and the landlord is taking advantage of that fact by massively increasing the rent every year. Because he can — because our Democratic state government is in bed with him and all the rest of his class, and these so-called “progressive” politicians don’t give a shit about anyone who’s not lining their pockets. Not because his cost of doing business has doubled. That’s evil. On the day we received our most recent rent increase, I wrote this song.