Life Is Beautiful

You’re sitting here in front of me
Floating in a cloud
Your chocolate eyes meet mine
And you’re whispering out loud
Words that make me shiver
Thoughts that make me melt
And I can only be thankful
For the deal I’ve been dealt

For the woods outside this window
For this guitar on my knee
For the smile on your lips
For the good you found in me
Looking at the wood stove
And the towels upon the sink
With your fingers on my forehead
All that I can think is
Life is beautiful

For the way you kiss my fingers
For the way you hold my hands
For the way you look
In those leather pants
For the times like now when I just gotta
Roll another smoke
Breath deeply for a minute
And take another toke
Life is beautiful

And when it’s over
And the afternoon is done
We can spend the evening dreaming
Of the rising of the sun
And even when the shadows
Look me right in the eye
I feel your heart within my belly
Like the stars up in the sky
Life is beautiful

Sheet music:
Life Is Beautiful

“Life Is Beautiful” originally appeared on the 2005 Soundclick album, Waiting for the Fall.  In 2006 it appeared at the end of the Halliburton Boardroom Massacre CD.  In 2007 it was on the live CD, the Commons.  In 2009 it appeared on the “best of” CD, Waiting for the Fall.

The song is about how it feels to be in love.  (Specifically, with Nina, but the feelings are universal…)