Like I Think About You

I dreamed about you again last night
You had a smile on your face by the firelight
We were sitting in your cabin on the top of the hill
Shooting the shit and smoking our fill
Swapping stories and songs about the world out there
There’s so many more we coulda shared
Sometimes I think about dropping in and seeing what’s new
Do you think about me like I think about you

I think of all that I learned by your side
Or taking a trip while you did the sidecar ride
I think of all of the things that I’d still like to know
How I still don’t understand why you had to go
So many good moments, just one mistake
Was it really worth ending it with the turn you’d make
It just doesn’t seem real, do you feel that way, too
Do you think about me like I think about you

It’s always so strange to wake up and realize
I may never see the brightness in your eyes
Never get to ask you what you mean
Never tell you tales of the things I’ve seen
It’s so good to visit you again, that’s how it seems
So strange to find that once again it was a dream
And once again I wonder what I can do
Do you think about me like I think about you

“Like I Think About You” originally appeared on the 2005 CD, For the Moment, and later on the retrospective 2009 CD, Waiting for the Fall.

I was very close with an old man named Willis Rayl for many years.  Willis had a tremendous impact on me as a teenager.  Regretfully, we later had a falling out.  Despite my many (probably too many) efforts to make amends, including the writing of this song, nothing changed, and then a few years ago he died, ensuring that nothing will change.  Oh well!