Luddite Song

I’m throwing out my phone, unplugging my TV
Turning off the computer, no more virtual reality
Don’t send me a text message, I don’t want to read your post
I don’t want to see your picture of the sunset on the coast
I want to talk with you for sure, but here beneath the sky
Hand in hand, eye to eye

Because the only thing that’s real, the only thing I want to see
Is this campfire, this guitar, you and me

You can ask me what I listen to, you can wonder why I say “I don’t”
Maybe I’m a prima donna because I say “I won’t”
You can keep your iPod, you can keep your headphones on
You can keep your record player, dance to techno til the dawn
But how about we play some music, use your voice and sing a song
I’ll figure out the melody, and I’ll play along


There are those who say we’re better off without technology
Without car stereos or thumb drives, and to this I must agree
But you can also keep your central heating, your private cars and books
I don’t want air conditioning, I’d trade it for a fishing hook
And if you want to hear a story, there’s no need to wonder how
I remember one, I’ll tell you if you gather round me now


“Luddite Song” appears as a YouTube broadside and has never appeared on an album or CD of any kind.

Modern society can get really annoying in so many ways, and we’d all be better off without most of the trappings of modernity, in my view.