Luis Posada

Luis Posada lived in Havana
There amongst the gentry
With the doctors and lawyers and mafia bosses
He thought it was his country
When the revolution came he left
Just ninety miles away
Then he signed up for a course
At the SOA

Luis Posada left Fort Benning
A lieutenant working for the CIA
A long career of death and murder
Began on that day
He planted bombs in Cuban cafes
To strike fear within the hearts
Of the Cuban people
And he directed every part
And now he is a free man in Miami

Luis Posada hired hitmen
To plant bombs inside a plane
Seventy-three people
Died in a blood-red rain
He ran guns and drugs for the Contras
And there he trained a terror cell
To wreak havoc on their homeland
And of course to kill Fidel
And now he is a free man in Miami

Luis Posada went to prison
He was caught with thirty pounds
Of C4 explosives
He was gonna bring a building down
He could have killed two thousand
That night in Panama
But Bush said hand him over
We want him in Florida
And now he is a free man in Miami

Luis Posada is a free man
Not so the Cuban Five
Who agreed to leave their homeland
To allow it to survive
Undercover in south Florida
They were the eyes and ears
For fighting terrorism
They’re serving twenty years
While Posada is a free man in Miami

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“Luis Posada” appears as a poem on the 2009 CD, Ten Thousand Miles Away.

Luis Posada Carrilles is a rightwing Cuban terrorist who has killed many people, and who has attempted to kill thousands of innocent civilians.  He has generally been treated like a hero in Florida and by the US government, in stark contrast to people like the Cuban 5, who were trying to prevent rightwing terrorists from killing more Cubans in Cuba, by keeping an eye on the terrorists in Florida, and spent many years in US prisons for doing that.