May the Force Be With You

There was a couple I knew well
What would happen next wasn’t hard to tell
They had a son, they had a daughter
On the east coast by the salt water
Happy homes with happy kids
Growing up like their parents did
Living life, playing games
Elijah and Genna, their given names

Things went along as you’d think they would
Good and bad times, understood
But life went on as we all know
The trajectory’s supposed to go
Until the day the doctor said
There’s a tumor in his head
So as Luke would say to everyone
We’ll have the Dark Side on the run

May the force be with you

It’s not supposed to go like this
When you tuck your son in with a kiss
He’s supposed to wake up the next day
Eat some food, go out and play
Elijah took what he was handed
And as the tumor in his brain expanded
He enjoyed the things he could with grace
Such as the vast expanse of space


I just heard the awful news
Wish I could have been there in the pews
As you watched your son pass on
He just turned nine, and now he’s gone
I ask the clouds, they don’t reply
Why a child should have to die
Always present, but no longer here
So far away, but always so near