Meanwhile in Afghanistan

Fifty heads of state came to threaten and to boast
To articulate their mission and together make a toast
To the new schemes they are hatching, to the next regime they’ll change
To the next nation they’ll turn into a bombing range
They hyped it in the radio, newspapers and TV
The anarchists who’d come and destroy the city
The anarchists who’d come, and the undercover cops
The old Chicago Red Squad and their psy-ops
It’s the cops who bought the petrol, the cops who bought the cans
The cops who brought it home, the cops who made the plans
So they got the terrorists they wanted and now they’re doing fine
They got the terrorists and they got the headlines

I wanna know who (3x)
Who is the terrorist?

Meanwhile in Afghanistan another family is dead
Wiped out in their sleep as they were lying in their bed
Wiped out of existence like so many are each day
This is liberation, so they say
This is liberation and in case you are unsure
The NSA will tell you if your thoughts might be impure
While the generals fly their Air Force all the way across the ocean
They’ll build military bases, drop bombs of all description
But if you drive from Florida to the city of Chicago
To pay a little visit to Mayor Rahmbo
Watch out for the cops who bring home the gasoline
And your apartment becomes a crime scene


Meanwhile in Afghanistan a village has been hit
A wedding party transformed into a pit
Transformed into a graveyard for children, women, men
Transformed into a graveyard for empire again
A place where terrorists are born with every drone attack
A graveyard for the midwest boys never coming back
A graveyard for society, a graveyard for ideals
A place to bury all the hearts of anyone who feels
And at the meeting in Chicago they’ll talk of women’s rights
They’ll talk about the terrorists they’ve got within their sights
The terrorists abroad, the terrorists so near
The terrorists who grew up in a suburb around here


Meanwhile in Afghanistan more protesters shot down
By NATO troops who had to prove it’s them who run this town
By NATO troops who have to show that they are in control
While it all comes crashing down in the countries that they stole
NATO troops committing war crimes every day
Ruling over nations in the old imperial way
The lying generals in Chicago with their satellites and tanks
Taking orders from their bosses, the oil men and banks
Taking orders from their bosses, looking suitably enraged
At terror foreign and domestic, real or staged
Whether led on by informants or just pissed off by the war
The terrorists are meeting behind closed doors


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“Meanwhile In Afghanistan” is the title track of my 2012 CD, which also exists on Bandcamp as an acoustic album.

This song illustrates some of the state terrorism inflicted upon the people of Afghanistan by the occupying forces of the United States.  In contrast with the Occupy Wall Street activists who were charged as terrorists for supposedly planning on throwing a few molotov cocktails at the NATO meetings in Chicago in the spring of 2012.  It seems they were staying with someone who did home beer brewing, but a couple of undercover cops also stayed there, and entrapped other people with this molotov plan the cops cooked up.