Mi Amor

Mi amor, as you pause beside the lilacs
I watch you take them in
You start the morning like a prayer
That´s the way your days begin
And if I could be a petal
Which you touch before you go
Then with this branch I´ll scratch the dirt
And that´s the seed I´ll sow

Mi amor, as you dive beneath the water
I watch it cascade down your chest
You rise upon the wave
As if it´s molded to your breast
If I could be a stream that feeds this lake
Which might rise to kiss your face
Then I will wind my way between these rocks
So I might settle in this place

Mi amor, as you glide beside the clouds
I feel the wind beneath your wings
With such ease you take this gift
That your friend, la luna brings
And I hope that in my lungs
There might be the strength one day
That you might gather other sparrows
And chase the crows away

Mi amor, the sound that rises from your belly
Is one I´ve heard before
It reaches deep behind these walls
And I want to live some more
And if I might write a verse
That you choose to sing one afternoon
Then I´ll gladly wile away the hours
Searching for the tune

“Mi Amor” originally appeared on Hang A Flag in the Window CD (2002) and later on For the Moment CD (2005).

It’s a love song that I wrote after spending a lot of time hanging out with Graciela Monteagudo, and listening to the music of Silvio Rodriguez.