My Backyard

There’s a chipmunk chewing on an acorn
There’s a bluejay chewing on a worm
Leaves are falling from the treetops
Landing on the ground with a squirm
There’s a cat sitting on the fence
He says “meow meow meow”
He’s a white cat with black spots
And we all call him cow

If I want to find excitement
It’s not very hard
It’s all happening around me
Right there in my backyard

There’s a wind blowing in the trees
It says woo woo woo
There’s a train calling in the distance
It says choo choo choo
You can see the people inside it
As the train is passing by
They all wave back at me
Beneath the cloudy sky


There’s a swing swinging back and forth
There’s a see-saw going up and down
I could just stay there all day long
It’s the best backyard in town
The doggie next door is howling
He says ooooooooooo!
That’s just what he does when a train goes by
I don’t know ‘bout you


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My Backyard

“My Backyard” appears on my second CD of children’s music, Ballad of a Dung Beetle (2011).

One of the many things I learned when my daughter was very small is everything you need to have endless adventures is in the backyard, literally.  A very small child will not tend to enjoy outings, like going to a restaurant or even going to Disneyworld.  They’re generally perfectly content to stay in the backyard, watch squirrels, play around in bushes, make mud pies, etc.