If I could live to see the day, say eighty years from now
If I could live to be an old man, I sure hope I’d be hearing how
Today was the beginning of an historic victory
And I didn’t come in vain to this beach in Normandy

I wonder will this be the day when the tide began to turn
When our leaders all around the world all began to learn
That hatred, fear and nationalism won’t bring us liberty
I think all that from this beach in Normandy

And as I look around me, comrades falling everywhere
The very ocean crimson red, shells zipping through the air
I hope at least the next generation might get a chance to see
Something better than this beach in Normandy

Yes if I weren’t full of bullet holes, about to breath my last
Propellers roaring above me as the planes are flying past
I might not be so worried about the future of humanity
If I weren’t bleeding out on this beach in Normandy

Lastly, if I could make a toast over my corpse I’d say
Here’s to the new world, once we make the fascists pay
Here’s to a future where all peoples live in solidarity
As I die here on this beach in Normandy