Now That You’re Gone

The city seems so small
But the sidewalk seems so wide
And the buildings seem so far away
Even once I go inside
My friend, his lips are moving
I guess he’s talking to me
But your words are echoing through my head
Your face is all I see
Now that you’re gone

The walls all seem so empty now
Like a movie screen
Playing over and over
That awful scene
Of you walking through security
With your lips all trembling
Now you’re on the other side
And I can’t do a thing
Now that you’re gone

Now this city is full of ghosts
And they all look like you
They say all the things you say
And do everything you do
Some of them are naked looking
At me from the second floor
And I think I’ll find you when I come home
But you’re never at the door
Now that you’re gone

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“Now That You’re Gone” appears on Ten Thousand Miles Away CD (2009).

It’s a love song.