I was sitting on my daddy’s shoulders
To the hot springs we were bound
He tripped and I fell off
Now I\’m lying on the ground

Owie, owie, owie
Owie-owie-owie-owie-owww (2x)

I was looking out my window
Sitting on the windowsill
When the wind blew and I fell out
And I took quite a spill


I was swinging on the swingset
Swinging up so high
So high that I fell off it
Now I think I’m gonna cry


I was playing by a coconut tree
“Watch out!” somebody said
Then a coconut fell from way up there
And landed on my head


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“Owie” appears on my second CD of children’s music, Ballad of a Dung Beetle (2011).

Owies hurt, and need to be sung about.