When the floor fell out from the way it used to be
When people used to pay for stuff, before all of it was free
Those of us who didn’t crash got taken down a peg
‘Cause if you wanna be an artist you gotta learn to beg

Patreon, Patreon
When all your merch sales and all your gigs are gone
Patreon, Patreon

On the fifth of every month, the last day before rent’s late
The deposit arrives and improves this failed state
The difference between drowning in debt
Or waiting for the fifth and just getting my feet wet

Support for the arts is some kind of a cruel joke
Anything that’s out there will just keep you broke
I could get a real job, or I could wish upon a star
That there are enough of you who think I should just keep playing this guitar

My music’s free on Spotify, that’s where we’re at
It’s a precious little segment that steps up to bat
I miss the old days, but I’m OK
Panhandling my time away

On Patreon…